Healthcare Consulting and Software

Healthcare Consulting and Software

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New Facility Activation

  1. Project management
  2. Operational preparedness
  3. Planning tools
  4. Activation services
  5. Patient flow simulations
  6. Facility code simulations
  7. New Equipment
  8. Re-use equipment
  9. Training coordination
  1. Projects
  2. Data collection
  3. Performance Improvement
  4. Staffing plans
  5. Group facilitation
  6. Education and training

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Madison, WI 53705

Since 1983

Academic Medical Centers

Rural Healthcare

Community Hospitals

Functional & Space Planning

Operational Assessment



Process improvement

Surgery and support services

Material Management


Patient Care

Cost Accounting

Healthworcs will provide a free initial consultation to determine the best way to meet your needs. Call us today! 608-212-6570, ask for Peter Fauerbach

Healthworcs  - Consulting - Project Management  

Healthworcs offers new facility transition services, consulting, project management, research support, and group facilitation to healthcare and other organizations.

Healthworcs can help you manage your resources in important areas: health processes and systems, staffing and scheduling, productivity management, inpatient care, clinics, emergency services, pharmacy, OR, material management, reprocessing, and project management support.

We provide a free initial consultation to  determine  the best approach to meet your needs.

16 current and past new facilities served


Recent  Clients: Watertown Medical Center 2013 – 2014,  Sauk Prairie Replacement Hospital 2012 – 2014, SSM Janesville New Hospital 2012, Langlade Replacement Hospital Consult 2012, Edgerton Replacement Hospital  2011, Genesis Medical Center Surgery and Logistics Programming,
Davenport IA  2012

We offer hospital move plans and move coordination, activation planning, project management team leadership, equipment coordination, expediting, warehousing management, task database, and reuse equipment and furniture coordination. Attainia Equipment Software User.

Ask Healthworcs to be a flexible resource for your team! We’ll work hand-in-hand with your architects, interior designer, city officials, DOT, equipment planner, and help you accomplish tasks related to a building project.  Many organizational tools ready for use on your project. We can lead your general move planning group and patient move planning group activities.

2013 Customer Quote:

“Peter Fauerbach, will be joining our  team as an integral member of our continued planning and design.  Peter has an extensive background in assisting  health care organizations with transitions and “start up”.  His resume includes the development and planning of facilities such as the new St. Mary’s/Janesville hospital, Sauk Prairie’s new replacement hospital, and extensive work in the UW  region.Peter’s 25 years of expertise will help guide our work to identify overlap;infuse best practice principals, and most  importantly, help to organize all the phenomenal work completed thus far (and that which is yet to come) to set us on a smooth course as we move into these later phases of our

 Dr. Daniel Vinograd, DDS (San Diego Holistic Dentist)